Canadian Arctic Polar Bear

The Polar Bear

This outstanding Polar Bear is larger than any polar bear encountered in the Canadian Arctic in recent years!

Offers for the bear crated and ready to ship will be considered starting at $49,500 USD



The bear has been mounted in a very natural walking pose and measures 111 inches from nose to tail.

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A Canadian Inuvialuit (Eskimo) in the winter of 2006 happened upon an incredible trophy Polar Bear near the outskirts of Tuktoyaktuk, NT, Canada. This magnificent bear is larger than any Polar Bear encountered in recent years and was taken legally by an Inuvialuit hunter and guide native to Tuktoyaktuk. The polar bear measured an incredible 111 inches from nose to tail!
This outstanding animal has been mounted in a natural walking position and is a splendid specimen of the Canadian Arctic Polar Bear. In a standing mount the height of the bear mounted would have been approximately 11 feet overall. (Just to put the size of this bear into perspective, the polar bear trophies on display at the Tuktoyaktuk and Yellowknife airports are 9 and 8 feet tall respectively).

Contact for further information on the bear.Watch for The Bear to be featured on the CBC 4 Rooms this fall!

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